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03-21-2004, 10:35 PM
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Originally Posted by db23
Brent Robinson could prove to be the real sleeper here. He has been at Brown the past four years with Danis. Danis had a career 2.30 GAAvg. which everyone makes a big deal about, but the team played a completely defensive game and actually averaged less goals scored per game than 2.30 over the past 4 seasons. Still, Brent Robinson managed to average nearly a point per game in his career there. A lot of NCAA teams, especially in the West, averaged about tice as many goals per game as Brown. If you had a big, solid, smart, two way winger graduating from Minnesota or North Dakota with a 2 point per game career average, the NHL teams would be lined up at the door with offers.

For me, Robinson's career at Brown is as impressive as Danis', even though he didn't get the same awards. If you compare him to Jeff Taffe, who was a top pick in 2000, which would have been Robinson's draft year, Taffe scored 113 points in 120 NCAA games with Minnesota, while Robinson scored 99 points in 120 NCAA games with Brown. Considering the fact that Minnesota as a team scored over twice as many goals over that period of time than Brown, it makes Robinson's accompishments more impressive. The two players are the same size and age roughly.
I have seen Robinson, a good college player, about a dozen times. He's a good college player but the skill set is not there. The comparisons to Taffe and Danis are absurd. Robinson is a 3-4th line AHL or ECHL guy at best.

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