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10-19-2007, 01:28 PM
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Well, I'll ask you the same thing I ask my athletes.

Is it sore or is it hurt?

I had a "sore" shoulder that actually ended up being a "hurt" one. While I thought I was doing myself a favour by not complaining and taking a rest, I ended up effing it up even more.

Use the RICE method.


If it gets any worse, see a doctor or chiropractor. It could be a RSI (repetative stress injury) or it could be something like tendonitis.

PS: Now my shoulder is like ground beef. There is no tendons or ligaments holding it together and surgery is inevitable. I have to wear a brace on it when I play any type of sports and I've seperated it about 15 times since the injury and dislocated it even more. Its not worth it.

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