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03-22-2004, 08:28 AM
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I look at it differently

Originally Posted by True Blue
It truly amazes me that the same people that scream for a rebuild are the same people that decide that patience is not a part of rebuilding anything. Let's run anyone out of town that does not turn out to be Heatly or Kovulchuk in their first year. Obvioulsy they are busts.
The Rangers went out and acquired four centers at the deadline. At least two of them are going to have a chance at making the Rangers next year - RJ Umberger (once he's signed) and Blair Betts. Dwight Helminen is supposedly a year a way. Jarkko Immonen is a wild card, but, quite a few people who have seen him in Finland say he should be a second line center. Suddenly, Jamie is facing more competition. We don't know what will happen at the deadline, but it's possible another center, such as Robbie schremp could be added. I'm all for patience with players, but the Rangers are going to have more options than Lundmark. If Jamie wants to be a part of whatever future this team has, he has to take full advantage of this opportunity. He's finally playing with Balej, something I wanted as soon as Balej got here. He has rounded out his game, but guys like Edge and Park #2, who were fans of the kid at draft time (a remember Edge raving about him in an article leading up to the draft), are saying they don't see the same player, and that he's somewhat regressed. Like I said, I would love to see Lundmark become a quality #2 center, but he has to make the most of this opportunity. Personally, I think he's getting moved on draft day, but that's just my opinion. He still has value. TGO continues to ask about him. (He was among the players PHX asked for in exchange for Burke.) But, time is running out. He hasn't looked as good as players like Tyutin, Murray or Balej. And, yes, there is a very good possibility that his game will blossom once he's away from this organization. But, once again, if you are telling me that, by trading lundmark, the rangers have a shot at getting theis year's version of Heatley or Nash or Gaborik, I'd be in favor of the move, especially, if people are telling me that Umberger looks good in Hartford, and Jarkko Immonen is ready to challenge for a job. (I'm not saying he will be ready, I'm saying if he is ready.)

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