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03-22-2004, 09:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Edge
I'm knocking this organization for continually being in the middle of everything.

Again i ask the question, what are you hoping to win at this point?

What good is gonna come out of winning these games? Especially with Jagr getting 25 friggin minutes a night and the younger guys getting 10?

What are you gonna solve with this?

The difference between Nagy and Doan is that they're also still young enough to be around when their team gets their crap together.

Jagr is not someone i want around the kids. Jagr is not someone i want getting 25 minutes a night at this point.

And winning these games serves one purpose and one purpose only. TO EXTEND THE SHELF LIVES OF TOM RENNEY AND GLEN SATHER.

You wanna buy into that, be my guest. But 5 years from now no one is gonna remember the goals Jagr scored to win meaningless games but EVERYONE is gonna remember which team got Ovchekin.
Then let me ask this question ... we play PIT tomorrow (again), should we 1) Dress our actual players and have them try to win 2) dress all AHL players and hope they lose 3) Put me in goal and assure ourselves of a loss??

I understand your frustration with the teams philosophy and I understand, and agree, that in retrospect the Jagr trade was a mistake (I also thought it was wrong at the time) ... but now that he's here, and since at best we're going to be the 5th pick, what do you suggest?

I gathered you don't want Jagr and/or Messier/Holik to play at all, but beyond that, what are you suggesting? You have already said that no one wanted Jagr/Holik/Kaspiritis in trades from us, so we are stuck with them ... where should we go from here?

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