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03-22-2004, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
Gee, I wonder why the NHL suspended him...

''There was nobody sent out. ... It was just to make sure that nothing did happen,'' said Sutter, who, as home coach, was allowed the last shift change. ''I knew we were down a man. There was no intent there. That's garbage. I have never done that ever in my career and I'd never do it. That's bull. I'm not talking no more about it.''

Somehow, I think this explanation didn't satisfy the NHL and Campbell. "Yeah, I sent out my biggest baddest players (who weren't ejected) against a regular forward line of the Predators. I was just making sure Johnson didn't jump Oliwa." He's as dumb as that last line. He's not talking no more about it? Was that Iverson making that comment or Sutter?
Do you guys always have to be such jerks ?? Just let it go, there is certainly no need for making fun of Sutter's appearance, especially with a mug like Trotz' on your bench. I'm going to enjoy seeing the Preds miss the playoffs, I can't wait.

Ban me if you want, I won't miss anything. Especially when people that know nothing about hockey are allowed to moderate these's amusing to say the least.

It's nice to know that moderators can also make statements about "team jerk off sessions" and then delete them because they are jealous of people talking about the Flames. Classy move, real classy !!

Flames : 86 PTS
Nashville : 82 PTS

Flames : 38 W
Nashville: 34 W

Tootoo, forget the scoreboard, look at the standings buddy, that matters quite a bit more at this time of the year,but I suppose Tootoo's more worried about the fishing season coming up than anything else.

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