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03-22-2004, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Agreed w/ that. We can actually take this a step or 2 further. Lampman should be making this team unless he's traded before that. If you have been impressed w/ Tyutin, then you have to be impressed w/ Lampman. The 2 have not been that much different, IMO. Also I agree w/ Bluenote. Kondratiev is probably going to make the team as well. he basically made the 'Leafs out of camp this year.
So there is your top 6 canditates at this moment. Signing a vet or 2 just to have Kondratiev & Lampman be your #7 or 8 defensemen is a waste of time and would hurt their further development. As I said, if Tyutin makes the top 6, then how can Lampman not?
The interesting part will come if Leetch decides that he wants to return to the team. Kasper is untradeable. And if Sather wanted to trade Porta, he would have done so at the deadline. To me, our D should look like this:
W/ Leetch W/O Leetch
Leetch-Tyutin Poti-Tyutin
Lampman-Kondratiev Rachunek-Kasper
Rachunek-Kasper Lampman-Kondratiev

Should be interesting if there is no season next year. Considering the fact that Baranka should be ready by then and Liffiton can make a case for himself as well. If we get lucky and nab Barker this year, it will make things even more interesting.
leetch is signed for next season. sadly he will playing in toronto next season. but if there is a lockout he could come back for the 2005-2006 season.

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