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10-20-2007, 08:47 PM
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heres a link to copy of two articles. One on T-push and the other on Shuffles. Hope they help you out.

its a large image so be patient if using dial up. Sorry, but still have to reinstall my PDF creator after a complete system rebuild. right click and select SAVE IMAGE AS to store to your hard drive.

To add in regarding finding your ideal grind.....

When your going through the selection process to find your "happy" ROH you should start nearer to 1" and work downward towards the 1/2" ROH. Going from most bite to least costs you A LOT of skate blade. With the deeper ROH of the lower grind. adjusting upward to a shallow means they have to grind below this deeper hollow.

ROH explained:


ROH check:

Profile check: Not that mine are done with a 30' Radius profile. The blade is NOT flat on its profile. Yours would have no gaps between blade and straight edge.

attaching toe ties for good rotation: Use this knot set up to provide consistant slack for pad rotation and recovery. Gap between knots is 1-1.5" depending on the allows the skate gusset to slide over the top of the skate, allowing the cowling to make contact with the ice before the goalie has edge loss. Consequently, it takes a lesser degree of knee lift to also regain the skate blade edge for your recovery.

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