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03-22-2004, 01:13 PM
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It's a little fork, not a real big deal.

I do agree with you, Edge. It's been a rather bad week for stupid stick-swinging or brawling. With this entire censorship thing going on in the US, it's going to effect Bettman's line of thinking. Man I wish this guy would just grow some balls.

The penalties are going to increase so that they show the media that the league is doing "it's best" to counter this "violence". You're going to see players flopping all over hells-half-acre, just to get an extra 3 minutes and a game, tacked onto a penalty.

It was interesting what Selanne said after the TO-COL game on Saturday. Something to the effect of "...maybe we as players and a union need to sit down and talk about these things, this lack of respect in the league...what is it going to take for us to learn - somebody to die?"

The answer to some of this crap is within the players; the high-sticks, the sucker-punches, the knee-on-knees. That can be solved.

However when someone suggests we need to get the brawling out of the game; **** that Calgary game was a great hockey game. It was close and it was a good game...aside from Nashville playing a bit of the trap in the third. It ended off with emotion and after seeing a game end like that I'll definitely watch their next match up.

We seriously need to evaluate what is apart of hockey and what isn't. A guy like Bettman has no clue but the players and the coaches do. Leave it up to them. They're the ones that play.

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