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03-22-2004, 05:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Duff88
In a poll earlier this week on, of the 26000 answers they had to the question "Who is this year MVP for the Montreal Canadiens" 36% of the answers said Mike Ribeiro while 34% said Micheal Ryder. Then there were Souray, Theodore and Koivu (who finished last with less than 8%) who had together only 30% of the votes.

IMO, that show a big lack of knowledge by the overall fans in Montreal. Of course, some will say that it's normal to have a few dumb answers but can you really say that Mike Ribeiro and Micheal Ryder deserve to be that high on the list. I mean, isn't the heart of the team in net and I mean José Théodore? I might be mistaking, but he's the soul of this team even if Garon also looks good when he starts.

Again, it's only a personnal opinion, but I'd also give the notch to Koivu over those two players. Koivu, when in uniform, was always one of the two best forwards in every game of the season except for his first 5 after he came back from injury.

So that would give an order of :

1. Theodore --> 3rd or 4th in the poll
2. Koivu --> 5th in the poll
3. Souray --> 3rd or 4th in the poll
4. Ribeiro --> 1st in the poll
5. Ryder --> 2nd in the poll

Are the fans that dumb or am I overreacting?
I think it's very difficult this year to allow the MVP to one of them... Several guys had a good season and its not an easy pick!

To me your choice are mines in the same exact order but it's just me, I could understand people desagree..

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