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03-22-2004, 07:11 PM
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Originally Posted by L.I.RangerFan
But that was the offer from Vancouver. No one has heard what the Rangers have offered, if anything yet. Blackburn was also signed his in his draft year. The rookie cap was lower then. Blackburns contract is due for renewal after this season as he is a group II RFA. He also made 1,130,000 without a signing bonus added.

So, Umberger was offered a contract which would have paid him 675,000 in the 3rd year and Blackburn made 1,130,000. Thats a huge difference for 6 places in the draft.

Lundmark made 1,025,000 for this year and is also a group II RFA.
i agree that we have no idea what sather is offering if anything and that the rookie cap has changed, but sather hasnt exactly been shelling it out for kids, if he hit the rookie max, i dont know, but by comparison there arent huge discrepancies in the deal lundmark has when compared to the deal umberger received from vancouver, and lundmark was drafted higher

as for blackburn's deal, he was drafted 5 spots higher then umberger and blackie would make 269,000 plus more than umberger was offered, my point is although umberger was lowballed by burke, i just dont see sather coughing up alot more money, he should offer him a better deal, but not one nearly as good as blackburn got

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