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Originally Posted by Barnaby
1. Don't attack me buddy, I'm free to have my opinion, and I do bade it on reality.

He was said to have the upside of a Roenick or Yzerman. If you think he's going to be near that level, then I have news for you. Hence, not the player we hoped for. Not the type of player you hope to get with the 9th overall pick.

Believe me when I say that I want to see good. I want to play him with Jagr like I've said numerous times to give him a chance. I want him to turn into a really good player. You are the one that needs to see this realistically. He's 23 and hasn't shown the progress he should be at this stage. He looks as bad, if not worse then he has ever looked. I will say again that I think he could be a solid NHLer, but if you think he hasn't been a dissapointment then I dont know what your looking at. Aside from his first Training camp he hasn't really delivered. He was mediocre at best in Hartford. The fire isn't there. You don't see a MAJOR problem when you watch him play? Where is that fire and energy that a Murray, Balej, or Ortmeyer have. It's like he's coasting in neutral all the time.

For the hundreth time I do think he can be a solid NHLer, but I think that level we all thought he would reach isn't there. Do you not see his lack of speed, strength, and balance? A stiff wind could knock him over.

I don't expect him to notch 30 goals this year, but how about hard work and determination? How about desire? How about improvement over last year? How about a guy that looks like he could put up 25 goals in a couple of years?

I realize this comes off extremely negative, but my basic point is that he's not performing at the level he should be. He's not working as hard as he should be. He's not going to be a top center like we hoped he would be. I think he can have a nice career, but he wont be a guy who we can rely on as a core player. Thats what we expected wasn't it?

The thing that gets on my nerves is everyones constant excuses for him. "line mates," "ice time," "Sathers Coaching," "dressing room attitude." It's all right there isn't it? Time to look at it realistically. He's not stepping up when given the chance. The most telling factor for me is lack of effort. He doesn't look like he has the fire to take him to the next level. I look at Murray, and I see a guy who wants to be the best he can be. A guy who will give it all. Thats what I want from Lundmark. If he had that then I'd be wearing my Lundmark jersey like everyone else.

He may be an average 2nd liner when all is said and done, but I don't see the impact player we all expected.
get a grip.... no one is "attacking" you.. you can say whatever you like but don't state your opinions as fact

i think you are misinterpreting the definition of a bust.. true he is never going to be stevie y but that doesnt mean he is a bust.. there are plenty of first round picks that have developed into good second line, secondary players, yet they arent called busts...

i place the blame on those that actually believed he was to be the next yzerman, that is a player maximizing his potential, when you hear that so and so is the next great thing, you need to understand that is only him at his best.. it should NOT be the defining stage for the player... i think its ridiculous to even expect anyone drafted to be a great player most especially a 9th overall pick.. do you know how rare it is for a player to reach that stage? maybe one or two prospects in the entire draft do.... its amazing how the 90% that make it in the nhl as ordinary players but also former first round picks are not called busts

you should be thrilled anyone you draft would have so much as an impact to your team in the future, that is the luxory of the draft, having CHEAP, young effective players no matter what the role is... look at Atlanta, they have two superstars making 10 mill combined...

i hope this gives you a little insight, here is a list of players drafted top 10 from 1990-1999, each are good players considered second liners or worse, none are considered busts

Peter Nedved #2
Mike Ricci #4
Darryl Sydor #7

Scott Lachance #4
Aaron Ward #5
Richard Matvichuk #8

Mike Rathje #3
Darius Kasparaitis #5
Cory Stillman #6

Viktor Kozlov #6
Jason Arnott #7
Niklas Sundstrom #8

Oleg Tverdovsky #2
Radek Bonk #3
Jason Wiemer #8

Daymond Langkow #5
Kyle McLaren #9
Radek Dvorak #10

Chris Phillips #1
J.P. Dumont #3
Erik Rasmussen #7
Ruslan Salei #9
Lance Ward #10

Eric Brewer #5
Paul Mara #7
Nick Boynton #9
Brad Ference #10

David Legwand #2
Brad Stuart #3
Bryan Allen #4
Vitali Vishnevsky #5
Mark Bell #8
Nikolai Antropov #10

Daniel Sedin #2
Henrik Sedin #3

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