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03-23-2004, 12:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Barnaby
What is this again? Another excuse? How about the plain fact. The guy isn't working as hard as he should be on the ice. Now its the scouts fault he isn't performing to expectations? It has to be someones fault.... it couldn't be the lack of effort or heart from our golden boy..

Okay dude, you must be one of those few who are very impressed by Sathers draft record the past ten years. If you draft a guy at #9 and don't expect too much then I don't know what to say because you must be on another planet.

I'm not saying he should be a GREAT player. I'll say it for the last time. How about an impact player? Not a perennial All-Star... not a 45 goal scorer.... how about a core player. A guy who can be on one of your top two lines and contribute every game? The fact that he's not there yet isn't what scares me.... its that he doesn't seem to be improving or working hard enough to go to the next level.

If the guy was out there working his butt off and had 10 goals, could stay up for more then 30 sec of a shift, I would be thrilled and I wouldn't say peep, but the fact of the matter is he isn't getting better or even working that hard.
i have wasted more energy then i care for to continue this but you once again MISUNDERSTOOD something i said.... it was not excuse for lundmark, how the heck is it?!?!

anyway as i said too much energy on one boring topic... time to move on.....

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