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03-23-2004, 02:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Barnaby
Yea, I'm just finishing up my associates now at Suffolk (for those of you on LI), and then I'm moving on to a college like UVA or UNC. I'm kind of in the "not quite sure where my life is headed stage." I've gone from Law-Teacher-Cop-Law(again)-Writer-Med Dr... I guess I'll be whatever stage I'm at when I have to decide

I'm considering trying my hand at writing in the entertainment industry... it's kind of a give it a shot/dream idea. My dads friend has a few sons who have made real careers... one writes for Law-Order, another wrote the movie Miracle... so hey anythings possible...

I just write when I can... worst case scenario I'm a doctor or Suffolk/Nassau cop who can write well
whatever you do, youll be doing better than me. 1 1/4 more years until im out of school with a bachelors degree in history. and NO im not teaching. yes, im out of my mind.

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