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Originally Posted by swinginutter
You're right "jfont". I agree on the fun and games part, and he's ten times smarter than us. But as all the experts, and all of us fans coddle him, just like he coddles certain players, we need to look at the big picture. Is he the coach that will put us over the top. X's and O's, and work ethic are needed, but some players need to have the reigns loosened, and his lines at times get ridiculous. He trys to spread talent, only concerned on match-ups (in the defensive mold). Why not for a change have teams worry about who they have to match up against. I would load up offensive weapons........especially with speed coming at you. Certain players need to be sat, and he simply won't do it. As for all the attention he's receiving, take a look at Darryl Sutter in Calgary, and Ron Wilson in San Jose. Those rosters are nothing to shout about.
An aquisition that i'd like is to see Brian Sutter on Joel Quennville in the off-season but it won't happen!

As for lines:
1.) Frolov - Armstrong - Cammy/Straka (Possession Line)
2.) Robitaille - Stumpel - Klatt (Klatt doing dirty work for two slower players that already have chemistry)
3 or 4.) Cowan - Avery - Lappy (destruction)
Pirnes - Belanger - Cammy/Straka/Carter (lots of speed coming at you, with offensive upside against slower lines.)

Norstrom - Corvo
Visnovsky - Grebs,Holland, or Zizka
Demsey - Grebs,Holland, or Zizka

Muir or Rullier as #7.

Miller and tapes of yourselves and figure it out!
Forgot Anson.......peace out!

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