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03-23-2004, 07:32 AM
True Blue
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Based upon any information that I have gleaned

here are my thoughts on the upcoming draft (Rangers-wise).
I really don't see us either getting Ovechkin via lotter or trading up to get him. At that point, I would assume that people are going to jump on Malkin & Olesz. Frankly the injury history scares me a bit. My top pick would be Barker if he's available. If not, then Ladd. As Edge said some time earlier, the draft has MANY questionable offensive player who shy away from contact. Ladd is not one of those. If we were to get Barker and then trade up to get Ladd, I would be very happy. If Barker is gone, then my choices would be to take Ladd at 5 or 6 and hope that Valabik is there w/ the Toronto pick. I would not mind trading up and winding up w/ Ladd & Valabik. IF Ladd AND Barker are both gone by our pick, then I say trade down and take Valabik & Chipchura.
So to sum up, I think that Ovechkin is a pipe dream and doubt that we'll have a chance to take him or Malkin & Olesz. Then, I think we would emerge winners if we get 2 of Barker, Ladd, Valabik & Chipchura. We would be BIG winners if we can somehow emerge w/ Barker and one of the others and REALLY BIG winners if we can net Barker & Ladd.

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