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03-23-2004, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Still if the kid has a future as a de Vries or a young Lefebvre, is that bad? Certainly I agree w/ those that say we have forgetten how effective Lefebvre was in his 'Lanche days. He was a pretty steady defenseman. If Lampman can become another one of those, is that that bad? So he's a 3rd pairing defenseman. You need those as well. Letting the kid make the team but only as a sparingly used #7 is self-defeating. Why have him if you're not going to develop him? Having him play in Hartford next year (unless there is no NHL) is a waste. He's done about as well as he is going to do there. McGill and Fotiu have done a good job with him. Now it is time for another coach to take his (and Tyutin's) development to the next level.
absolutely nothing is wrong with that... the less he sticks out the better he is... doesnt do anything great but doesnt do anything bad and im happy with that.. i cant expect everyone we have to be a top 4 material, i think lampman right now looks like a steady #5 and someone who will stay a steady #5 through out his career but if he decides to change his game a bit and try to rush the puck or pinch once in a while then he could become someone like devries that isnt blessed with great skills but makes the most out of what he has and rarely does any bad...

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