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03-23-2004, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by HighlyRegardedRookie
Hi everyone. I lurk a lot, but I have some questions that I think may have interesting, discussion-sparking answers.

1) Assuming we make no draft-day trades to move up, and assuming that Toronto's 1st stays right around #25 like it is now, who do you think we should draft at that spot among players with a good chance of being available? Why do you like him?

2) I've seen a lot of talk about Schremp being a "wild card". Why is that? What are his good and bad qualities? Last year's wild card, Patrick O'Sullivan, dropped all the way to the middle of the 2nd round. With which of our picks, if any, should we take Schremp if he is still available?

3) Assuming we end up picking at #5, which of the top players do you hope is left for us, assuming that Ovechkin will be taken #1.

4) If we were to trade Lundmark before or during the draft, what would his value be? Would he be enough to move up from, say, Florida's 2nd to the top 10 of the first round? Is he worth more than that?
1) With the Leafs pick, i see us moving up, maybe ten spots or more to get a player like Valabik or Thelen if he's still there. But if we do stay at #25 some possibilities are: Roman Tesliuk-D, Lukas Kaspar-W, Travis Zajac-C, Carl Soderberg-C, Peteri Nokelainen-W, Kirill Lyamin-D, Kyle Wharton-D, Brett Carson-D.

2)I like Schremp, if Ladd was gone at say #5 or #6, Schremp would be a good pick. I question the kids character, not his skill. Is he a team player willing to prove himself, of is it the other way around?

3)With Ovechkin gone, i'd say the next 3 picks should be Malkin, Barker, Olesz. Then for #5 & #6 teams will either take Wolski, Schremp, Ladd, Radulov, Chipchura, Smid, Lisin, Tukonen, Green, Bolland, Picard or Thelen. I'd hope for Ladd, Schremp, Wolski, or Thelen for us at #5/6.

4)Lundmark plus Toronto's pick could move us up 5-10 spots, somewhere in there. Poti, Lundmark, and Toronto's first would get us into the top ten

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