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10-24-2007, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by theD View Post
In the ECHL, players with a NHL contract have a $500 per week

amount towards the $10,000 team cap. That is not what they

earn! Not by a long shot. Many are making big bucks!

Trust me on this...

Plus, free housing, heat, cable, travel, food, cars, etc.
Not exactly true. When you say "many" your misleading your audience. Thre are players who have connections in Canada and Europe and can use that as leverage when semi-pro US circuits try and sign them. THESE players have gotten unde the table incentives to play in the ECHL and the CHL. Younger guys who are still developing a resume and a game keep their noses clean and gladly take whatever they get for $$$ just to cling onto the hockey radar. Top scorers and top fighters get the best "extras" everyone else is there to fill a sweater and they don't get much money.
IMO The semi-pro network in the USA TAKES ADVANTADGE of the fact that there is a surplus of players here in Canada who would play the game if their weekly pay was a pizza voucher and a kick in the junk.
That will change. Alberta and BC have "people who know people" and there is a movement to create a "pro type scenario" up here to get some of our players back home. Not saying it will come to fruition right away but...

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