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03-23-2004, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Shadowtron
I love to write creatively. Itís one of the hardest things you can ever get into. First, itís hard to make a living doing it. Itís something you really have to bust you chops to achieve. Not that thatís a bad thing, just not something everyoneís willing to dedicate themselves to. Second, you really have to know your audience. Ultimately the writing starts out being for you, but later, itís for everyone else. If they catch you lying to them youíre stuffíll never make it off your floppy disk.

Some old advice for you: 1) Read a lot; 2) Write a lot. These two go hand in hand. You canít have one without the other. Reading will teach you things about the craft and itíll give you an idea of what has come before. Writing gets the story told and it develops your skill. Do these two things often 
Thanks, I'm trying to work on doing more reading and writing... unfortunately my increased course load means less free time :/

I'll probably try my hand at it, and if I feel I have a legitimate shot, then I'll pursue it. When you see three brothers from one family all become very successful writers it makes you think "Hey, I'm a good writer, maybe I could do that!."

Someone has to write all of those movies and television shows right? Might as well be the guy from the Ranger board!!

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