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03-23-2004, 04:53 PM
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I agree on Kolzig but, here is why I suggested him. Firstly he is a great goalie with at least another season or two in him, maybe more. But, if he is brought in for next year with an option (I think he has a year and a team option on his contract left) and we bring up Choinard or obtain even keep Huet at BU, we give Zaba/Munce/Montoya(orShwantz)/Choinard another year or two to develope into starters while still reamaining competitive.

Kolzig is a big game goalie but it doesn't have to be him, as long as it is a true Number One then that would be good with me. If I were able to chose any that would be available, Gerber would be my pick. He though, is more of a long term situation.

If we are talking on next season then at this point I would say,

Pirnes/Cowan/Barney/--Cowan/Steckle/Karlson/Kanko would all be great fourth liners next year. I would like to see us rank them and then put them in order. Keep the top three on the team and then use the others as call ups.

Avery/Lappy/Klatt (now that would be one dandy corker of a line)

Frolov/?//Straka/Ziggy (Wanted, first line center, must be capable of scoring and passing, only gritty need apply)

Luc/Army/Carter (if he is to be with the team which I have to believe he will. If not, SQUID IS THE MAN!!!)

Packaging the following of Straka or Carter (depending on how Carters contract goes) Miller, Belanger and Rosa as well. Like I said, I reckon that Miller/Belanger/and Rosa will garner lots of interest and might land us a fine goalie and a pick. We have more than enough better replacements on D and on defencive center and Rosa is arguably the best winger in the AHL. He has also proven he can score readily in the NHL. I want to see him either play for us or go to a team that will give him a chance. I hope he goes on to become a great player in the game, it would teach Andy a couple of things that is for certain.

All of you lads insights are right interesting and I have learned from reading them. Cheers for taking the time and keep em coming!

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