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Originally Posted by JMR27 View Post
I'm 5' 11" 219lbs , I never knew wheels were that important based on this.I'm a great skater but I have slowed a bit. I always think it's do to my wheels plus I put on a few lbs. I have 68's in the front and 72's in the back. I was told this would make me faster in short sprints. I didn't like the feel of this. I just came off 78's, 72's. So for speed and sharpness of turns what size should I be using to go along with my Ht. & Wt. ????
Hey bro,

I think there is some clarification needed.

There are two numbers to every is the Durometer (which is how hard or soft the wheel is) and the other is the Size (in milimeters).

Durometer - The softer the wheel (the lower the number ie 74A is softer than 76A) the easier it is to stop, turn and feel in control. The higher the number the faster you can go since the wheels are harder and dont "sink" into the surface as much.

The standards mentioned on websites is usually that if a player is below 170lbs then they should use X-soft wheels (74A) for indoor play on a sportcourt or similar surface. For players above that and below 190lbs they should seek 76A. Over 190lbs should seek 78A.

NOTE: I found this to be bogus. I'm 185lbs and want the softest wheels I can possibly get (74A) based on my playing style and since I've played Ice before I kinda like being able to stop.

The other number is the size of the wheel: For skaters they usually come in 68mm, 72mm, 76mm, and 80mm. It depends on what kind of skates you use to see which ones you need. Hi-Low chassis usually go with 2 smaller wheels in front and 2 larger wheels in back. The traditional chassis took one size for all wheels.

In general the SMALLER the wheel the better your balance and quickness. The larger the wheel the more sheer speed you can achieve. Depends on your playing style.

Hope this helps.

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