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Just try to stay calm, communicate with your teammates. That's number 1. Let them know if you're open for a pass verbally. Things like that. Go hard to the net, no matter how new you are, if you know hockey and basic athleticism, you may be able to pick up rebounds or cause some deflections / screens on the goalie.

Keep your feet moving, and dont let yourself get caught tired. Go off for a change when you lose your energy, or just sense that you've been out there too long. (depending on how many subs you have...assuming it's 4 on 4 which it should be, and you have 8 total for two lines, in either three 15 minute running time periods or two 25 minutes running time...2 minutes maybe. Much less if you have more.)

Keep in mind the ball does strange things, often not what you see on TV with a puck. If someone rips a slapshot from half rink (which they will do), the ball is going to curve and dip just like it was baseball. Make sure you give the goalie room to see the shot in a case like this. If you play outdoor ball hockey, then chances are you have a fence above the boards and not glass. If you try to clear the ball on the fence it's going to drop right down where it keep it on the boards.

No icings or offsides, remember that too =p

Keep looking for teammates, stay spread out. When in doubt with the ball, dump it into the opponents corner. Try to avoid blind passes. Keep looking for the open man. And if you find yourself in position to shoot, take it. (unless you're the last man 100% positive the shot wont get blocked up high...if the ball gets blocked its coming back and it's coming back fast for a breakaway). Don't pass up too many shots though.

Stick on ground, head up, stay spread out, get it deep, take your shots, back check, manage your time carefully. Just some things I notice from newer players. They often end up looking lost, and when they're in a position to shoot they try to force a pass due to lack of confidence. Know where you are and stay spread out from your teammates. If you're skating next to them then you're doing no good.

I just gave you a lot of information but really just try to relax. In ball hockey a lot of people think they're hot **** for some reason. The ego jumps up from ice hockey players in my experience. I've honestly seen people slow down on breakaways and wait for the backchecker so they can try to deek him and make him look like an idiot. And when they do that, I take a very very bad penalty =). Some people aren't nearly as good as their spin-o-rama's and toe drags make them look. Pull more than one move on a ball hockey rink and you're out of shooting position. I don't know if you know anything about paintball but, ball hockey is to hockey as speed ball is to paintball. It gets right down to business, so...shoot ! and then follow your shot and shoot again!

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What is ball hockey?
Roller hockey with a ball, generally outdoor when the playing surface isn't suitable for a puck, i.e. concrete. I prefer ice, but pickup ball hockey is free.

Sport court with a good puck is pretty damn fun too.

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