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03-23-2004, 09:15 PM
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Yeah, I am really scared that the habs are gonna miss it ! They must win or tie in Buffalo ! If not, they are gonna be in trouble. Look at their schedule compared to the Isles and Sabres

Buffalo - 7 games remaining- 76 points to date

Habs at home (they beat the habs 90% of the time in Buffalo)
Pens at home (not the strongest opponents !!!)
Pens in Pittsburg (see above)
Blue Jackets at home (another weak team)
Rangers in NY (...another one...)
Maple Leafs at home ( the Leafs do no better than the habs in Buffalo)
Habs in Montreal (Final game... !!!)

So, the Sabres have the potential to win them all to get 90 points...

Islanders - 6 games remaining - 84 points to date

They could easily get another 7 points til the end !

Flyers in Philly (???)
Hurricanes at home (can win that one)
Devils in NJ (???)
Habs at home ( Habs win rarely in Long Island - remember last year ?)
Hurricanes away (can also win that one)
Flyers at home ( could win if needed !)

The Habs - 90 points - 6 games left

Sabres in Buffalo (see my remarks above)
Ottawa at home ( Ottawa lost tonight and will be rested for this Thursday nite game)
Bruins in Boston (the Bruins don't lose anymore...)
Isles in Long Island (see my remarks before)
Flyers at home (Flyers aalways play well in Montreal- wartch Leclair !)
Sabres at home (Final game, anything can happen !)

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