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03-23-2004, 09:49 PM
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Originally Posted by nomorekids
we do appreciate the kind words. the problem is..with the way we're playing right now, no game is "winnable." it would be one thing if we were playing our hearts out, every game..but even coach horachek said, in between periods,

"This team isn't playing with desperation or heart. They're treating this like any other game, not a game that they need in a push to make the playoffs"

That's been the story for a while now. We came back with one good effort in Calgary..and then laid this egg. We didn't turn it on until late. It's extremely frustrating and disheartening. The blues might be underperforming, but no one is underperforming worse than us. Some team is going to get in by default because we'll play ourselves out of the spot.
I understand where you're coming from. Remember that stretch where the Oilers seemed to go into overtime every single game and then lose it because they gave up a lead late in the game? It seemed like the team didn't know how to close any game out.

My point is, even when things look horribly bad, they can get better. I honestly don't think LA has anything left in the tank, so I don't think "we" have to worry about them. That leaves St. Louis. And with Anaheim seemingly playing better, the Blues are no lock for their matchup. And, I think the Preds will rebound. There's a reason why you have 82 points, and that's the same reason why you will get more before the season's done and over.

PS. By comparison, the Blues are underachieving more so than any other Western team. They have the largest payroll for a team out of the playoffs, I think.

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