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10-27-2007, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Kowalchuk View Post
30 games is a joke. That play happens a billion times, this time it just ended badly. Bertuzzi sucker puches Moore in the back of the head and drives his head into the ice breaking Moores neck in the process with a clear intent to injure, he gets 20 games. Jones hits Bergeron from behind, with no intent to injure, just finnishing his check illegally, the same play has happend millions of times, this time it ended badly. Sure he should get suspended for a couple games, based on the injury his illegal action caused, but 30 games is a joke. You might aswell take body contact out of the game, if your gonna give Jones 30 games.
I doubt they give him 30... maybe 2 or 5. At worst 10, but that would be extreme for something not intentional (i.e didn't intend to injury unlike Boulerice / Downie).

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