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03-23-2004, 11:22 PM
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Originally Posted by jfont
this is funny...andy might win coach of the year, yet some want his head here...interesting. well, needless to say, guys like quienville and murray won't stay unemployed very long...they are very good nhl coaches...

next thing you know the kings win the rest of their games and ya'll will sing his praises...kings are still not out of it man...

I understand what you are saying but, I have been consistent in my opinion of Andy and his system style of coaching as well as how I feel about his lack of skill in my opinion with regards to how he manages his assets since I started posting here.

So, no, I wouldn't change my mind simply because we went back to winning games and getting enough points to make the playoffs.

Also, I said that Andy is a fine coach. I said that we have TWO choices. One is to build a team of players who, like Minisotta, are more of a grinding defencive team that has its talent based around them types with a lines worth of skilled players OR to move Andy along his way.

If you go back and read my entire and lengthy novella (not blaming you for skimming) you would see where in essence, I agree with you that Andy is a grand coach, he simply cannot take a team (as he has proven) to the cup when it is built around a balance of ultra skilled and system devote's.

It is starting to look like one or the other but not both.

Of course, neither you or I actually know what we are talking about so, it doesn't really matter but, I wouldn't "sing his praises" if we went on winning streak for the rest of the season unless, we were to win the cup (or make it well deep into the playoffs) and then, I would be happy as punch to eat my words.

As would all of us who see the troubles in his system.

Nothing would make me happier in the world (where hockey is concerned) then to have to come here and say "I really blew that one! THANKS FOR THE CUP ANDY!!!.

Of course, I would expect the same from his blind supporters if we don't make the playoffs as well.

(insert wink here if it were working)

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