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03-24-2004, 01:24 AM
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Alright. Tonight I have realized that a lot of things are starting to tick me off about the board. I like to think of myself as a pretty open-minded kind of guy with strong opinions about things once they've been factually proven OR experienced to a point that I have no other choice to accept that they are a certain way .
I'm open to any criticism about what I'm going to say here so go ahead and drill me.

1. This is a hockey forum for Hockey opinions. Then why do we fly off-topic and start talking about other things? I don't mind going off-topic but I think that anyone who does go off-topic should be ready to be treated as fair game.

2. Why do people feed the trollers? When a Leafs fan who is KNOWN to only post messages on this board just to cause a rise out of people , why does anyone bother to write anything back ? If you do so then at least be prepared to lose the battle of wits because you CAN NOT ARGUE WITH SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT WANT TO BE TAUGHT.

3. If you don't like what someone has to say , either reply with something creative OR simply ignore it and move along. Enough with the whining and moaning about how certain people are causing trouble. LET THE MODERATORS deal with anyone who steps outside of the box.

4. I call a spade a spade. If you don't like it TOUGH. I'm sick of bleeding heart holier than thou types saying "there's no place for this violence in hockey" or " Don Cherry is a racist" ....if you want to say something like that , back it up with some factual content otherwise you're just being a parrot of bandwagon garbage.
Find me one season in the NHL without a Bertuzzi-like incident . Find me one sentence from Don Cherry's mouth that was a concrete example of RACISM. And look up the definition of RACISM before flooding me with things you've overheard from a journalist with a serious inferiority complex.

5. Stop making character assumptions about Players .You are not in the Locker Room before, during or after the games. You have no idea which player is a nice guy and which player is a jerk. Unless you have spoken or been around a player personally , keep your unfounded opinion to yourself.

6. Come playoff time , unity is so sweet. Will we continue to bash our own players? Let's ride the wave together , crash and burn as a team or come out victorious as a team . We're all supposed to be here to support the HABS right? That was the initial reason behind the creation of this Montreal Canadiens board wasn't it?

7. This thread is not directed at any specific persons and is simply my reaction to the way I've been feeling . I don't mind being dragged through the mud. Say whatever you feel you need to say in reply to this thread. I like it here overall and I will continue to say whatever I feel I need to say. I try to respect the rules and if I step over the line then I gracefully accept my "banning" or "reprimanding" . So bring on the thoughts !

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