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03-24-2004, 09:33 AM
Sundried TOmato
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Originally Posted by bleedgreen
unless you guys get a lot of clips there in ny, i dont think anyone of us has any idea how good ovechkin is compared to kovy. ...he looks big and strong, but didnt remind me at all of kovy, more like vanek with less dangle.i think i saw the highlight package here in the rangers board. i think he will be great - but kovy is pure goal scoring - ovechkin sounds like less scoring, more all around player.
Kovalchuk is a lot more than pure goal scoring. He *creates* offense. There is a big difference.

Having watched both in Russia: Ovechkin is a very mature player with a strong overall game. He is a professional. Kovalchuk's a kid who LOVES to play; his desire to win is unmatched. To me, Kovalchuk brings more to the plate because of his unbielivable emotional commitment to hockey.

Personalities. Kovalchuk is a goofball, but a very intelligent kid (his emotions take over sometimes, but he ain't Alex "Hay" Kovalev). Ovechkin is quiet. He is an old soul; he had a tragedy in his life that made him mature quickly. Ov is more politically correct and less open. I dunno if it's a good thing or a bad thing.

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