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03-24-2004, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Canadienne
I haven't seen anyone suggest any such thing. I see people showing their support for a player they like. Nothing more. It's personal preference and it's not any more laughable than yours or anyone else's preferences so take it for what it's worth. This isn't any NHL talk forum, it's a MONTREAL CANADIENS forum and we're discussing, I think, a Montreal Canadien player's POSSIBLE invitation to the WC camp... no one is saying he actually will get it or will make it. All that is being said, is that here is a really good, young kid who's worked hard and deserves some respect, even from snobs who diss him because he's not a so-called franchise player, or a future superstar or whatever their bias against him may be. The Montreal Canadiens would not be where they are right now, if it weren't for his contributions. That alone, I think, is worthy of consideration by TPTB who are assembling the WC team. I don't see why our team (the WC team) would be worse off with a player like Michael Ryder on it.
Whoa, you went out into left field there buddy.

The question was: Should Ryder be on Canada's WC team?

I said nothing about deserving respect, or dissed him, etc. And I wasn't discussing a possible invitation to try out. All I did was answer the question, so ease off.

I like Ryder and appreciate what he's done for the Habs this year, I just think there are many better and more deserving Canadian players out there.

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