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10-29-2007, 02:00 PM
Roy G Biv*
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Anyone ever just get ****ing pancaked in a game? Like seriously demolished?

I did yesterday night. It's a non-contact league, but guys will often passively play the body, which is fine.

So my D-man is looking for an outlet, and I head up ice while looking back at him. He then feathers a perfect suicide-pass, and just as I reach out to snag it, I realize the opposing D-man is just standing still at his blue-line. My head went straight into his chest (he was huge) and I just compressed like a slinky and hit the ground. It was like running into a wall.

The funny thing about getting smoked: I never feel any pain and jump right back up. The only thing going through my mind is "Wow, that must have looked ridiculous" and I have this weird need to see a replay. I could hear the players on the ice let out an "ohhh" as I got nailed, so I'm sure it looked great.

Today I have a strained neck, stiff back, and a huge bruise on my forehead.

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