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Originally Posted by Roy G Biv View Post
1 on 1:
Skate backwards with puck, at full speed towards the defenseman. Protect the puck. He'll have to stop and try to stand you up before you guys reach the crease. When he does this, he'll commit to one side. Roll off him and shoot on net. Be sure to make suggestive comments the whole time.

1 on 2:
Skate between them while yelling "I got him" in each D-man's voice, which you should have perfected beforehand.

2 on 2:
Have your player skate directly infront of you, almost right above your stick. He should set picks and cause mayhem. Drop a smoke bomb, go wide, and cut in on the goalie and roof it 5-hole.

My hockey DVD should be out just in time for the holidays.

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