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03-24-2004, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by tytech
Get you ***** correct junior. This conversation had nothing to do with Philly. I never said that we would have went anywhere different by playing Tampa and Boston. With Check in nets we could have bowed out to either, just as easily as TO or Ottawa. I merely brought those teams up because someone said they were the same teams as last year but we all know Tampa and Boston are way better this year and that's what makes things interesting this year in the east.

'm suppose to believe you are a greater hockey fan, yet you can't even read properly. Yeah, that's right, you are the big believer of destiny. That proves you know crap about hockey The regular season and positioning is everything. Home advantage is everything. Stats don't lie. When is the last time the 16th placed team heading in to the playoffs won the cup? NEVER! Never, ever. Wouldn't (ahem, cough) destiny have it happen at least once?

Stick to your video games if you want to talk destiny junior.
I can't hold my tongue any longer; the irony is just too much. I find it to be hilarious that tytech repeatedly calls other posters junior, and asserts that they know nothing about hockey when his posts are the ones that would come from a new hockey fan. See, if you've followed hockey as long as you'd like us to believe, you would surely know that there is no such thing as an easy road the Stanley Cup. The fact that anyone would be so brazen to even begin to argue you otherwise is mind boggling, and only makes a complete mockery of what you're saying.

If I were you, I quit now and try to save (a little) face.

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