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03-24-2004, 04:48 PM
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IMO I like the guy... I mean I know he's got some holes in his game, but His shot is what makes him an NHL'er... I mean, this guy is on a 30 goal clip this year... That's pretty good, and it also should be noted that Claude Julien knows how to utilize his talent, as does Mikey Ribeiro. So long as he stays in the more goals than goals against... this guy has done his job. He also is not scared to take the hits, and has the size to absorb them very well... There have been a few successful NHL'ers that have the same problem as our big guy Dags... Ray Sheppard, Dave Andreychuk to name a few.... Dagenais may say he's no longer a project, he's only half right... IMO Dagenais needs to do some intense training. Not just physically but he's gotta take a few lessons from Andreychuk's game (Who's game I played similar too when I was a player.. ) He's gotta get some hockey sense, to read plays, and not know where the puck is going... But where it's going next. Size (6-5) says he can handle some abuse in front of the net, just like Andrey does... and pop in those shots that are saved by the goalie... Because with Dag's speed, people WILL have a tendancy to overlook him. Also... In summer training, I'd like him to gain an extra gear, and perhaps 10 pds for this role I describe. I like the guy, but he's still a project IMO... One that can pay off though.

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