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10-30-2007, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by cicontention View Post
Thanks for tips, guys.

I learned some things at the game today. First of all, they put me on a team that seems pretty patient, which is good, because I had to go through explaining to half of them that this was literally the first time I've ever played any kind of organized hockey before.

Secondly, I learned three vital things:

1) Hockey is harder than baseball.
2 ) I suck at hockey.
3) I have the lung capacity of a 135 year old man.

And a 4th thing: Teammates are much more patient when you are winning 4-3 with a minute to go in the third then when you are losing 3-0 with 15 to play in regulation.

I whiffed on a one timer from the slot which was my only scoring chance. I was offside on one occasion, and I gave up a pretty ******** turnover. But in 3, 18 minute periods, rotating only 8 guys, that isn't that bad... I wasn't on the floor for any of the goals, which means that none of my mistakes led to anything major. I consider this a personal victory.

#35 M. Stewart 0 0 0 0 0

So there's my line on the league web-site. One of those is penalty minutes though, so that's undeniably a good thing.
Your lung capacity probably isnt as bad as you think it is...when I started ball hockey I was like "how do these guys do this for over a minute?" Then I started to learn when to save energy and when to go all out...when you get to the point where youre needed for long periods of time (one of the best players on the team) youll be able to conserve energy better...right now, since youre new, its all about hustling.

THE MOST important thing in ball hockey is composure...hitting a ball isnt hard, unless you have the wrong mindset. Keep calm and composed when youre playing, thats the #1 thing in ball hockey. Youd be surprised how much time you have when youre relaxed. Dont panic, if nothing else dump the ball or just keep it out of scoring areas.

And doesnt get much more fun than playing a good game of ball hockey...its not life and death, so remember to enjoy it more than anything.

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