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10-30-2007, 10:30 PM
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got totally rocked in a non contact league twice today. First one someone was taking a slapshot, so I stepped up to him, blocked it. But apparently he was aiming for the moon cause his follow through came all the way up and nailed me on the cage pretty hard. Stunned me for a second but didn't knock me down. It was hard though, hurt my head.

Second one I was back checking a real huge guy (probably 235 240 lbs) and im reaching in with my stick smacking his stick, when all of a sudden the elbow comes up and nails me in the jaw, follow through came so strong from the elbow that my head snapped back and hit the ground. I was down for a few seconds but got back up and into the play, which they scored on.

No calls on either of the plays. I was pretty pissed. Tomorrows game is going to be me taking out a lot of aggression

I wasn't seeing stars or anything so no concussion I suppose, but it hurt and had me a little wobbly. I guess my RBK helmet has gotten me it's money worth so far.

oh, and not me but my teammate got a stick to the groin while screening the goalie (from the goalie) and there was no call, so he did a lap around the net and totally smoked the goalie from behind with a real hard hit. Nobody on the other team stood up for him, they all knew it was coming and pretty well deserved. (the goalie does this a lot, apparently, but I still would have stuck up for him). Double minor on us, cost us the game probably =[

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