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03-24-2004, 08:36 PM
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NYR Strategy for Draft & Tryouts?

It really sounds like the Rangers are trying to stock the team with as many young bucks as possible, with (IMHO) the philosophy that a couple of solid FAs (including a goalie as noted in another thread). In the draft, I believe they will trade a Poti or Lundmark with one of their #2s to pick three times in the 1st round.

The Rangers camp will then be the first true open tryout for the Big Club in years, with the team picking the best team they can with the prospects they have stocked (including undrafted FAs like Pock). The remnants will go to the Pack, pushing down the floatsam to Charlotte or out of hockey

The result? The Rangers will have a solid, if perhaps not very spectacular, farm system. The team will NOT be good next year, but I will play hard every night, and most importantly will have a future in front of them.

This is clearly not all original thoughts, and pulled from many threads over the past few days.

Think about it: Holik, Jagr, Kasper, maybe Rosie, and Barnaby as the only ones with a GUARANTEED position. The rest: give us your best, if you're better than your roommate, you're on the team.

Probably won't happen, but a boy can dream...

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