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10-31-2007, 03:53 PM
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This past spring I went through the HNA league ( beginner program in the DC area. HNA is a bit pricey, but I'm extremely glad I did it, and I'm basically happy with the league. The beginner program was taught by Andy from Elite Hockey Instruction ( and he is fantastic. Really a cool guy and a good teacher. I know 3 teams worth of guys that recently went through that program, including my own team, and never heard anyone say a bad word about him. The league itself is fairly well organized and has been a good experience.

Before I started, I signed up for group lessons at the Cabin John rink. They were ok, a little below my level, but you get free passes for public skates when you sign up, and I definitely took full advantage of that. From the sound of it though, if you did decide to do the HNA beginner program, you'd be perfectly fine where you're at with your skating right now, with no lessons needed.

As others have said, the only downside I see to starting to play hockey is the cost. It's expensive. I think my initial investment was something around $1300, including league fees for the school + first season, jerseys, equipment, etc. But it is totally, utterly, completely worth it. More than worth it. To say hockey is tons of fun doesn't even begin to describe it. I started when I was 31, and I'd love to have those 10 years you have on me. If I had known when I was 21, I would have started playing then.

Just my opinion, hope it's helpful. Any questions about HNA feel free to ask me.

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