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03-25-2004, 12:23 AM
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Originally Posted by db23
Komisarek was playing very well until he got caught out of position on the first goal. That seemed to take away his confidence. I don't know if it is fair to lay all of the blame on him. Defensemen are supposed to stand up the forwards at the blueline and someone should have picked up Dumont on the backcheck. As it was it took a perfect shot by Dumont and Garon going down too soon. But his play in front of his net was very strong and he made some good moves to get the puck out of the zone. What I really like are the little jukes he makes with the puck and the way he joined the attack a couple of times. Not many big bruising defensemen are capable of that. He moves very well on the ice as well. Often big players, particularly defencemen, are deceptive in that they cover a lot of ground without looking like they are moving too fast. Komisarek covers the ground and does it smoothly.

As for the playoffs, it is hard to say. On the one hand, he is far less certain handling the puck than the vets. On the other hand, he is easily the strongest of the group in front of his own net. Bouillon looks flashy, but he is in trouble if he can't beat the forecheck and get the puck out before the other team floods the zone. Once that happens, he is just hanging on for dear life. Quintal's game is one of shortcuts. If he can't get away with the shortcut that experience has taught him, he is in trouble as well. Personally, I think that Bouillon and Quintal are the two weakest links in the defence, not Komisarek.
All good point db, but Rivet is also a liability at times. On the goal where Komisarek cut across, Rivet backed up too quickly and then did not switch off on coverage until it was too late. Also, he uses his stick instead of his body down low and often loses the puck in his feet and is a terrible stickhandler.

We all know the faults of our defense, but it seemed like when Souray went down and Julien mixed the pairings it fell apart. I think Julien might have done it on purpose to get a look at how they would react or to see how it would work.

Now we know, our D is very delicate and the strengths of one player are needed to cover for the weaknesses of the other and we can't stray away from the pairings that are working for us.

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