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03-25-2004, 12:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Barnaby
That may be one of the most foolish and ridiculous comments I've ever heard.

Gretzky basicly single handedly established two franchises (LA, EDM)

To say that at this stage is foolhardy, Crosby isn't even draft eligible for over a year. This is the type of foolish statement that ruins credibility. Gretzky is hockey in a way that Ruth was baseball. Mario is the only player that could ever be put into the #99 category IMO.

To compare styles is one thing. To put a guy on that level at this point is just stupid, and barely worth a reply.
you have some nerve to make such a disgusting reply, calling me stupid and saying its not worthy of a reply.. whats not worth a reply is that attitude, and you wonder why you dont get respected like others, you only get respect if you give it and if you earn it which for a person calling 23 year olds busts for not becoming great players, i would hope you would be less critical as far as ridiculous comments go...

you perhaps would like to do some research before you throw insults like that, you must be on mars if you haven't seen those comparisons made.... considering you likely wouldnt do any research anyway i decided to do some for you, from the great one himself
Gretzky says teenager Crosby could break his records
Gretzky, the man who put together Canada's Olympic gold medal team, must be some kind of evaluator of talent and he told the Arizona Republic in a recent interview that Crosby was the best player he'd seen since Mario Lemieux.
When Sidney Crosby began his junior-hockey career, Wayne Gretzky anointed him as the next Next One. Crosby has come through. In his first season with Rimouski Océanic, he has broken QMJHL rookie scoring record
The hype started last summer, when Wayne Gretzky, of all people, anointed him the next Next One
As artful as 16-year-old hockey wunderkind Sidney Crosby is at dodging checkers on the ice, he can't escape the pressure of being considered another potential Wayne Gretzky.
Some scouts think Crosby is another Wayne Gretzky.
so once again... before being quick to insult, do some research.. you would save yourself the trouble of becoming offensive, and looking bad not to mention it's YOU that's losing credability, even if you were right, nothing justifies a response like that

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