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11-01-2007, 02:35 PM
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If you are only a mile from ballston, pop in, speak to Ben Kwon, who is the hockey guy there. They do skating lessons, from Beginner Adult (no sense in being put in with a bunch of kids who you may fall on and hurt!!!) to Adult Advanced.

When you sign up for the lessons, you usually get 8 lessons, and a pass for 8 admissions to the public skates to practice.

They also do a learn to play program for beginners, although I recommend taking some basic skating classes first. Don't rush yourself to hockey, or you may find yourself frustrated and quitting, which would be terrible.

During the summer, they also do a novice league.

MY recommendation is this (and this is what I've done, and found it more rewarding than simply trying to play immediately).

Take 2 beginner lesson sets, the first for absolute beginner, the second, the next step up.

If you can, go get your skates first, so you are in proper fitting skates, not rentals.

Sign up for the learn to play hockey lessons. The lessons last about 8 weeks each, so thats almost 4 months before you play any hockey. Use this time to gather gear, bit by bit, so you are not out a big lump sum in one go.

It's november now, so two sets of lessons (depending on when they start) will take you to Feb, or March (if they have a new set after thanksgiving).

Then in March, do the learn to play, you should have your gear gathered by now, and then you will be ready for the Novice league in the summer.

Also, skate skate skate.

Sounds like a long drawn out process, but in the long run, take your time, learn to skate, then play hockey, it will be more enjoyable in the long run.

And 21 is not in the slightest too old.

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