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11-01-2007, 05:52 PM
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Did you change your curve? That will affect your shot for sure.

This is what I've found over the last few months of trying a bunch of different sticks:

1. Most important factor is FLEX. Too stiff and the shots slide across the ice and shooting causes pain, too whippy and the shots come up too high and stickhandling gets tougher. I've found standard shafts seem to add at least 10 to the flex rating, and cutting the stick makes it stiffer as well.

2. Second most important factor is LIE. Too high or too low and you start missing passes and fanning on the puck.

3. Third most important factor is the CURVE. That's preference and what kind of game you want to play. More curve helps add spin and height to your shot, less curve gives better backhand and accuracy. More loft adds height, less keeps them low.

As I said above, my best shots in game were with lower flex sticks, regardless of curve. Most accurate in practice was with stiffer sticks and flatter blades, but in a game it was MUCH tougher to load up a stick and I never got a good shot off.

So the first thing I'd figure out is what flex you like, if you want something stiffer, whippier, or about the same as what you currently have, then pick something with a lie and curve that works for you.

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