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03-25-2004, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by tytech

2) Teezax's hilarious comments on how it all has to do with destiny. I think he smoked a fatty before writing that post. He's watched too many movies and played to many video games. I was laughing and told him to tell Hitchcock his fate and destiny theories so that he can inspire the players.
You obviously take the word Destiny and turn it into some Magical word that means some chessmaster is playing his pawns on a board. I think you've been watching too many Neverending Story movies. If we are destined to win, we will, just as if i were to say that Jersey was destined to win last year, because they did hence it being their destiny. What part of this is giving you convulsions? And get something straight, I only smoke my fattys before I play my video games, not before I post. And by the way, you're the one everyone is laughing at, not me.


n 1: an event (or course of events) that will inevitably happen in the future

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