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03-25-2004, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by JR#9
Not for nothing but you're really staring to get annoying with your attitude like your the be all and end all in reagrds to hockey knowledge big guy.

Your assinine statements like "me and 99% of the NHL would agree with you" are simply too much to take because if you really knew as much as you claim to you'd know that one thing is certain and that is that 99% of the NHL never agree on anything!!!! :p

Your a very good addition to the board and it's good to have people here that stir the pot to a degree but while you are obviously very knowledgable about the game and what not you definetely think your always on the right side of the arguement then you actually are and also think your more plugged in into the NHL scene then you actually are.

Stop going out of your way to nitpick as a way to show Park#2's superior hockey knowledge as deemed by you.

Just had to add my .02 on the matter
Everyone here has opinions - hence the point of the board. People disagree. I was stating my opinion.... If you say the guy doesn't lead and hasn't led in years - then give an example. If not - ok.

And, I would say that the overwhelming majority of the NHL crowd would agree with me on this... 99%, if I used it, is a figure of speech more then anything else.

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