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03-25-2004, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
I have no idea of what I am talking about? I'm sorry, when were you in the lockerroom with him the last time? Do you spend that much time behind the scenes and your OPINION has that much more weight than mine?
What did he do for his team in the past seveal year? What young player did he take under his wing? When did he stand up and lead by example? When was he a vocal leader?
I would just ask you to provide examples as to why you believe that.

Everyone knows the guy shouldn't be playing as much as he is, that he is not even close to the player he was. I blame management more then the player for the fact that he plays too many minutes.

I would ask, why, if he is no longer a good leader, were 5 contending teams looking to bring him on board for their playoff runs?

Do you know that he bought several new suits for each rookie (prior to deadline trading binge) to play with the big club?

Do you know that when one teammate had personal issues, Messier went with the player to private counseling?

Do you know that when one teammate's parent had health problems, Messier picked up the tab for the enormous medical bills?

Do you know that several players brought into NY stayed at Messier's brownstone while looking for places to live?

Do you know how many times he spoke to the team to try and get them to rally?

Great Leaders do not just forget how to lead. If the team was successful this year, I suspect people would be praising his leadership skills. Perhaps I'm incorrect, but I do have facts to back up my arguments.

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