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11-02-2007, 09:16 PM
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From non-checking to checking league

I have been playing house league all my life and I'm soon going to be playing in my school league against other teams where the average player will be in AA or A. I play center.

I am pretty sure I can keep up with the level of play since I've already played with my friends who are in A and I'm just as good. However, I have never ever played in a league with checking and I'm looking for some tips on how to not get smoked whenever I get the puck.

I skate and stick-handle mostly with my head up so that should help. But I don't really know about coming out of my zone, for example. What if someone sends me a pass and I have to look back to receive it?

I would just like some tips and general knowledge of what I should do and not do in a checking league.


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