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11-02-2007, 11:49 PM
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playing center is probably the best position if you aren't a major fan of contact. as a smaller player that has played with some big boys (i played AAA hockey and junior B). I currently stand at 5'9 175lbs... during my 1st year of hitting hockey (when I was 14) i was 5'4 140lbs so i was tiny (most guys were around 5'10ish, some monster D).

ANYWAYS.. here we go. When I started off, Im not gonna lie.. I had my clock cleaned a few times. Some of them hurt too . Think the best advice I've gotten was from my father.. "Keep your head up." Just always have a good idea of where everyone is on the ice. "keep your head on a swivle" is also commonly used. Don't set yourself up to get crunch.. skating north/south is asking to get clocked playing center. When breaking out of your zone, always have a peek in front of you to see whos lining you up.. attempt to get open for a pass by going in a diagonal direction (cutting across the ice).

You're gonna get hit along the boards.. When you are, prepare for it and don't leave yourself in a bad position. Getting right up or very close to the boards will reduce the blow to you. Always try to take hits in the shoulder. I wouldn't worry too much about being hit in the offensive zone.. you gotta worry about the area between the top of the circles in your end until the opponents blueline (where they'll stand you up).

If you gotta take a pass from a D man and have to look back, take a quick look in front of you to see whats ahead. Don't be afraid to let the puck go by if you can clearly see yourself getting clocked by the guy (this isn't the NHL or junior hockey, your health is more important than taking a pass and getting clocked). You'll learn to make a quick play o nthe puck before getting hit.

Lastly when going into the boards with someone, try to lock up with them and go in together. I've seen a few injuries with guys just going stright to the puck and getting nailed at top speed into the boards.

Other than that... show these boys you can play. snipe a few, get some apples and have fun

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