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03-25-2004, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Park #2
I would ask, why, if he is no longer a good leader, were 5 contending teams looking to bring him on board for their playoff runs?
Because they viewed him as a very good 4th line center.

"Do you know that he bought several new suits for each rookie (prior to deadline trading binge) to play with the big club?

Do you know that when one teammate had personal issues, Messier went with the player to private counseling?

Do you know that when one teammate's parent had health problems, Messier picked up the tab for the enormous medical bills?

Do you know that several players brought into NY stayed at Messier's brownstone while looking for places to live?"

I do/did not know any of that.

"Do you know how many times he spoke to the team to try and get them to rally? "

I would guess not many. Messier did not seem like he was leading all that much in the past several years. I do not confuse results with leadership. However, the Messier that threatened Kent Nilsson with bodily harm unless he would play with more intensity, was not around. The Messier that intervened with Kennan on behalf of his team was not around. Messier was as guilty about lack of defensive play as anyone else. He refused to make the simple play, opting for overpassing and perfect passes instead. He took MANY stupid, unnecessary penalties.
I do not even see the Messier that purportedly had such an effect on Bertuzzi & Naslund. All I see is a guy seeking to hang on so that he can pass Gordie Howe.
Now that may be rough, but that's just my opinion. I respect Messier, but I need for him to be gone so that I can forget the Messier of the last several years and recall only the mid 90's verison.

"I would just ask you to provide examples as to why you believe that."

Not once did I see him lead by example and hustle to back-check. I DID see tons of cherry picking at the blueline. Not once did I see pr hear of him take a teamate to task for lazy play. Not once did I see a simple dump in instead of overpassing. I did see him refuse to help the organization in the end by refusing to be traded to a contender. There may be many reasons for this, but I maintain that amongst them are selfish reasons. He knew that another team would just make him a 4th liner with no letters.

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