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03-25-2004, 04:17 PM
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Originally Posted by L.I.RangerFan
Ya know Park#2 we have had many a converstion and while 90% of the time I agree with you, you can be soooooo annoying. Do I have to put, IN MY PERSONAL OPINION, every time I reach a conclusion that you don't agree with.

The simple reason I thought he wasn't even a blip on the radars of many a scout was because, he was not drafted and he was signed as a free agent in late May of 2003, way after his team was no longer competing. Unlike Thomas Pock, who was signed right after he completed his season.

If you have definitive proof that he was on scouts radars, please provide it and stop with the "I know everything" attitude.

We are entitled to our own opinions.
I don't think Park is being an 'I know everything' guy. He's just asking a question.

And i've heard various scouts talk about Ortmeyer when he was still playing at Michigan, so it's not like he wasn't being talked about.

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