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03-25-2004, 04:26 PM
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Originally Posted by ChannelChanger
Easy there OneSpeedOnly, are your feelings hurt?. Accustomizing himself to the NA style of play. Give it up home boy, that's an excuse and you know it. Ruzicka nabbed 70 something points during a 68 game regular season schedule and ended the season on a strong note to boot. He's proven himself to be a solid boy,, who can take the punishment as well as dish it out. How's that for climatizing himself to NA play? Simply put, his time has come to shine, he's looked terrible. Owen Sounds best players need to be there best players, that goes for anybody, any team. And too date, he's been awful. Awful to the point of, if the Attack were a little deeper, I'd bench him. Perhaps he's ill, or maybe an injury........I really don't know, but that's the only excuse I'd make for him. One thing for sure, he's definately talking to himself out there.

You've been bellowing about his talent on this forum and others all year, now when it matters most, he seemingly goes into the tank. It could be a burp in his career or even just a burp in this series, but the point is, come playoff time, Ruzicka has failed to live up to his billing.

So where's you're thread about Richards because Kitchener are losing in their series and that's obviously all Richards' fault?

Where's you're thread about Carter because his team didn't make the playoffs and that was all his fault?

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