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03-25-2004, 06:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Park #2
Ok, so you admit that you are completely guessing. You have no facts, just a general opinion. That is fine.
And you are different exactly how? How is it that you are right in your OPINION and I am off on mine? From where I sit, you opinion is just that and is absolutely no more or less valid than mine. As I do not work in the NHL, I can only make certain assumtions and research things the best I can to formulate educated guesses. However, what my eyes tell me is pretty good evidence.

"You can knock his game, but his game has deteriorated because of age - not his leadership or lackthereof. How would you "Hear" of him taking a teammate to task? How would you hear about what he says or talks about behind closed doors? You wouldn't hear, or wouldn't know."

In the past, I have heard enough of him taking teamates to task. In the past, he as been vocal about poor play. Not so in the second tour of duty in NY. Likewise, I can say how do you know that he talked to a teamate behind closed doors? You have no more knowledge of those issues than I do. Unless off course, you ARE behind closed door. You don't know any more than I do.

"Teams wanted him because of his leadership qualities - not because he was a "Good 4th line center". Teams looking for good fourth line centers trade for Jim Dowd. "

And you know this how? If you do have inside information, then say so (like SOTI does). If not, then all you are doing is purely guess work. Do you know the reasons that all of these teams wanted him? Or are you just guessing that it was his "leadership" to make your opinon seem more valid?

"As I said earlier, Messier had an agreement with Sather for the past two years that he would not be traded. It wasn't a clause, it was a gentleman's agreement. "

And therein lies a part of the problem. Sorry, but as I have witnessed Jackass trade away arguably one of the greatest Rangers of all time in Leetch (an all-time Ranger), I really could care less about Messier's "gentleman's" agreement. If ANYONE deserved such special considerations, it was Leetchie. And in the end, Jackass treated him with the same lack of class that he has with Adam Graves and John Mclean. Messier gets to reject a trade becuase he is Sather's buddy. But, Leetchie gets no such consideration. It's things like this that make me detest Jackass even more.

"Well, all of it is true."

All I can do is take you at your word. I have no way of knowing if ANY of it is true or not.

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